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School 619, St.Petersburg 

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Director: Baykova Irina, tel/fax +7 812 290-0094 / +7 812 531-0490
Address: 195265, Russia, St. Petersburg, Tcherkasov's street, the house 7, the case 2

E-mail: school619@mail.ru 
Website: www.school619.ru 

Our school is a modern, rapidly developing institution, whose main mission is to give students not only a quality education, but also a focus on success.

Everything in our school works to improve the quality of education: a wonderful teaching staff, a modern educational environment, modern interactive learning technologies, a variety of additional education studios and many projects of the program of education and socialization.

The school building, in addition to equip with modern technology classrooms, contains the necessary infrastructure facilities: gyms and playgrounds, a swimming pool, a health service, a dining room, a library, and a concert hall. In addition, the school has its own pre-school section-a kindergarten, located in a separate building, and a country cottage.

The institution is constantly working in the mode of innovation and experimental activities. School 619 is a district, city, Federal experimental platform. It develops programs aimed at improving the quality of education.

The school and its teachers are the winners of numerous competitions and projects.

Over the past 10 years, our school has participated in 28 projects at the district, regional, federal and international levels.

In 2014 the school 619 started working in the status of Federal experimental platform.

In 2016, 2017, school 619 became the winner of the Federal competitive selection within the framework of the Federal target program for the development of education for 2016-2020.

School 619 is the winner of competitions between state educational institutions implementing innovative educational programs in the framework of the PNP (the Priority National Project) "Education" in 2006, 2008, 2013 and 2017.

The school is the organizer of the annual all-Russian educational events with international participation:

- in October: Forum "Young  to Youth";

- in March: " Student Plenum"

- in April: "Multifaceted Russia".