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School 619, St.Petersburg 

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Director: Baykova Irina, tel/fax +7 812 290-0094 / +7 812 531-0490
Address: 195265, Russia, St. Petersburg, Tcherkasov's street, the house 7, the case 2

E-mail: school619@mail.ru 
Website: www.school619.ru 

School № 619 was opened in 1998. Our school has several departments: pre-school, primary school; junior high school and senior high school. In 2007 a new modern school building was built.

Development of our educational establishment has been carried out systematically according to different programmes. Throughout the history of the school there were four of them; the fifthth programme of development of the school for 2014-2019 is being conducted now. Project work is considered to be the tool of development. In 1998-2008 the school participated in 16 projects at regional, national and international levels, within the same period of time more than a hundred projects were completed inside the school. The main direction of work in these projects is to improve the quality of education. 

The school offers education by means of individual educational routes, combining curriculum and extra-curricular activities for children; organising leisure through participation in various projects. The school has a modern sports centre with two swimming pools. Pupils are engaged in different kinds of sports activities such as football, volleyball, tennis, swimming, fencing, etc. 

1343 pupils get education at our school, including pre-school department (from 2 to 7 years old) - 189 children, school (from 7 to 17 years old) - 1079 children. Pupils begin to study English in the second form, and in the seventh form they start studying computer science. Education is conducted with the use of innovative educational technologies. 

The school staff are highly professional; 86 of them are teachers, there are also seven administrative members of staff and more than a hundred of support personnel.

Our school is the winner of the national competition "Education" (2006 and 2008), the winner of the federal programme "100 Best Goods of Russia" (2002), the school was awarded "St. Petersburg Prize for Quality” (2007). School was certificated GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (2011). 

Our school’s developed system of educational work involves pupils’ work in creative societies, carrying out actions of social character and participation in the life of local community. 

Since 2000 all pupils have been participating in school's project "Students’ Self-management. Leader-City". The system of students’ self-management at school is directed at children’s socialization. "The Code of Ethics" was approved and launched, it regulates norms of behaviour and dialogue of all participants of educational process, it also promotes education and strengthening of organizational culture of school. 

Since 2003 each pupil of school has been participating in school project "Portfolio", which provides estimation of pupils’ achievements and their public presentation. Within an academic year each pupil retains a portfolio; in spring school's presentation of the best portfolios is held. Winners of the competition are celebrated at "Golden Achievements" ceremony. Each academic year all pupils take part in the competition. "Golden Achievements" has 11 nominations for pupils’ success in educational and creative work. At the end of the competition a final gala-concert is held. 

The school newspaper "The Quarter (Term)" and magazine "The Miracle" have been issued since 1997.

Since 2001 more than a hundred pupils have been participants of a country school. 

All pupils take part in the school ‘subject weeks’ and Olympiads in basic subjects; winners become participants of regional Olympiads. Students participate in such competitions as "Kangaroo", "Russian Bear Cub", "Test for the Best", "British Bulldog" and "Golden Fleece". 

We are open for cooperation with schools all over the world. Welcome! 

- web-projects of students, 

- art-exhibitions, 

- learning foreign languages (English, German, French and Spanish), 

- students’ exchanges